Encore Electives

A Comprehensive Curriculum

Along with core courses in Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies the magnet program focus in on Fine Arts, and Communication. Millennium offers a large variety of encore elective courses in several areas that are not offered at other schools. All these elective classes are available to any student enrolled at Millennium. Millennium also works to incorporate the arts in the all classes throughout the year. Below there are the various encore elective classes that are available to Millennium students. 

Electives = Encore


Dance Classes

Ballet I, II, III, Dance I, II, III, & IV, and Boys Dance

Drama Classes

Intro to Theatre, Intermediate Theatre, Intermediate Theatre Production, and Advanced Theatre Production, Stagecraft, and Tech Crew

Band Classes

Piano 1 and 2, Beginning Band, Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, and Jazz Band

Orchestra Classes

Beginning Strings Orchestra, Intermediate Strings Orchestra, Advanced Strings Orchestra, and Guitar 1 and 2

Chorus and Vocal Performance Classes

Beginning Chorus, Men’s Chorus, Ladies’ Ensemble, Vocal Ensemble, and Musical Theatre

Visual Arts Classes

Art 2D & Art 2D Advanced, Art 3D & Art 3D Advanced, Art Portfolio Class, Graphic Design, and Art in World Cultures and Costume Creation 1, 2, & 3

Computer Technology Classes

iChallenge, iJourneys (middle school requirement), and iConnect

Foreign Language Classes

Spanish (Beginning and Intermediate), French (Beginning and Intermediate), High School Spanish and High School French

Physical Education

Physical Fitness and Team Sports


Puppetry 1 and 2

Other Elective Classes

TV Production, Yearbook, and Student Assistant
**Some classes have a prerequisite, require an audition, or teacher approval